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The American Dental Association recommends that your floss your teeth and gumline at least once each day. Along with brushing your teeth twice each day, it forms the foundation of an effective daily oral hygiene routine.

At the same time, the ADA also advocates that you attend a routine dental checkup with a dentist like Dr. Wilford Samson twice each year.

This simple outpatient appointment starts with a professional dental hygienist performing a thorough dental cleaning. This involves using professional tools and techniques to remove all traces of hardened tartar from your teeth while also polishing away minor surface stains.

After your teeth have been cleaned and polished Dr. Wilford Samson will perform a thorough dental exam. If he finds any signs of gum disease or tooth he will help you understand the possible treatment options available to you. This might also include preventative measures such as a fluoride treatment or applying dental sealants to help prevent tooth decay.

Dr. Wilford Samson will conclude the dental checkup by performing a basic screening for signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer. This will involves examining your tongue, neck, cheek, and throat. If he finds an area of concern, Dr. Wilford Samson will refer you to a specialist for further diagnosis and treatment.

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